Lenwood Community Church 6/14/15

For the last few years I’ve had that chance to fill the pulpit for Pastor David Carr on some of his vacation days.  Today’s service was a great chance to catch up with friends, hear my wife sing harmony, and share a message from the Word of God.  It’s always humbling when, as happened today, I hear from people after the sermon that that something that was said was meant just for them.  The “Out to Lunch Fellowship” at TA was great.  Thank you, LCC for having Lucy and me!

Sermon Notes:

Do not be conformed to the world Romans 12.2

Lot was a real person / destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah historical

Luke 17.28, 29, 32; 2

Peter 2.7

Romans 9.29

Jude 1.7

Jesus, Peter, Paul, Jude (Jesus’) brother all refer to Lot / Sodom and Gomorrah as if they are real.

Lot had faith

Called “righteous” in NT (2 Peter 2.7).  Abraham declared righteous through faith (Gen. 15.6; cited Romans 4.3,9, 22; Gal 3:6, James 2.23).

Left everything to go to the Promised Land with Abram (Gen 12.1-4).  Did he not believe God’s promises to Abraham?

Lot separates from Abram Gen 13.6  Heb 10.23

Possessions became a snare. Luke 12.15.  We define people by how much they possess. “Millionaire, billionaire, pauper

Doesn’t money bring out the worst in us?  Lucy and I completed Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey a few years ago.  The study has helped us to be able to discuss money, but when do we fight?  When we come in to extra money.

Lot isolated himself from the faithful

Abraham was God’s man.  Lot knew God was going to fulfill his promises and plan through Abraham.

The “stuff” was more important than his faith at that point.

Let the servants go free; give the cattle away.

Rocky soil: Matt 13.22

What did he have at end to show for himself? 1 Tim. 6.6-7

Wouldn’t he have been better off letting his servants go free and giving his possessions away than separating from Abraham?

Lot’s departure wasn’t just a geographical change.  He assimilated (conformed to the world Romans 12.2).

Ch. 13: settled in the Jordan Valley, progressively moved closer and closer to Sodom.  14.12: dwelling in Sodom (what happened to his possessions by the way?).  19.1: sitting in the gate (more and more worldly).

How did Lot’s assimilation effect his witness?

19.14 His sons-in-law laughed at him.  Now you’re a god-fearing man?  (If you’re a negative trash talker don’t be surprised if nobody wants to hear about God / Jesus from you).

1 Tim 2.1-2.  Are you daily trash talking the president or posting negative content on Facebook or Twitter?  Don’t talk to me about Jesus then.

Do you “code –switch” when you’re around your friends / co-workers / whoever?  Don’t expect them to take you testimony / invitation to church / warnings about sin seroiously.

Women: do you have a seductive profile pic, but your profile says Jesus is your first love?

Our guide: Titus 2.7-8

What were the results of his assimilation for himself?

(Stunted spiritual growth / sensitivity).  He lingered: 19.16.  His possessions / lifestyle still had such a hold on him!  He wasn’t sensitive to God’s guidance.  The angels had to forcefully remove him.

We want a close, intimate relationship with God.  We want to be sensitive to his guidance.  Psalm 32.

His family?

Wife died.  19.17, 26

Daughters: incestuous mothers of illegitimate children. 19.30-38.  Lucy’s question: how did they even consider this plan?

1 Cor 3.10-15

He is saved, but smells like smoke

Conforming to the world

Halts spiritual growth / fruitfulness

Destroys our witness

Has disastrous consequences for those close to us.

Let us abide in Jesus and produce the kind of life he desires!


Cesar Chavez National Monument


Saturday we rode to the Cesar Chavez National Monument in Keene after meeting up with M. and A. in Kramer Junction.  See photos of the ride here.  Admission is free.  Guests can view a short documentary of Chavez’ life / movement.  A self-guided tour includes photos, replica living quarters of migrant workers, memorabilia, and Chavez’ gravesite / garden.  The gift shop features books, clothing, coffee mugs, post cards, etc.  The center has a stamp for the National Parks Passport stamp book.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

We took the old road past the “Tehachapi Loop” on the way back and watched a train coil around and pass under itself.  Lunch was at the Apple Shed; good food, generous portions, and the best apple pie I’ve had since my last trip to Oak Glen.

This is one of the many places we’ve driven past numerous times and promised to stop “next time.”  We shouldn’t have waited so long.